Tutors & Workshop Details

Throughout the year, we run 5 Day Workshops in art and sculpture, tutored by leading artists from all over the world. Artspace studio is large, air conditioned and well equipped. Parking in front of the studio.

Each course has a maximum of 10-12 students (depending on subject). The workshops are suitable for beginners or experienced artists unless specified. Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm

Easels and sculpture stands are supplied, and a list of materials will be issued nearer the date of each course.

Course fees are quoted in Mauritian rupees and online XE converter will be used to change to other currencies at time of invoicing. 25% Deposit is required when booking with balance due two months prior to the workshop.

For overseas students … every assistance will be given if required regarding accommodation once the course is booked, or plenty of accommodation can be found online.

Workshops 2020

Siddick Nuckcheddy 
16 – 20th March 2020

Pastel Landscapes

Course fee: 10,000 Mu Rupees

Siddick Nuckcheddy is a Mauritian pastel artist having had a passion for drawing and painting since he was 5 years old … and today he has both solo and group exhibitions under his brush and holds several awards for his outstanding pastel work. He is a member of the French, Eastern Canada, Spain and Taiwan Pastel Societies and his work is in many countries around the globe … USA, France, UK, Croatia, Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai. In 2012 he was honourably awarded “Maître Pastelliste” from L’Art du Pastel en France.

This Pastel Landscape Workshop will consist of experimenting with soft pastel and charcoal, covering mainly local landscapes and scenery. Each class will start with a demonstration of the technique followed by exercises based on photographic references. 


Steve Nayar 
20 – 24th April 2020

Animal Painting

Course fee: 18,000 Mu Rupees

Steve Nayar is an endangered animal conservation artist. After working in the advertising world for many years as a graphic designer in corporate identity for major blue chip companies, and winning many awards, Steve decided to go back to his first love … painting. In the last decade his focus has been mainly on animal conservation, and he has been a three time finalist in Wildlife Artist of the Year in the UK. Steve gives a proportion of all his sales to various conservation organisations and is very pro-active in this area.

On this very popular workshop Steve will demonstrate for the first session each morning his technique for painting his incredible metre square endangered animal oil portraits. He will be painting a macaque monkey and we can watch his progress throughout the week… look and learn !! Although, technically an invasive species, macaques were introduced to Mauritius by Portuguese sailors about 400 years ago, they are extensively trapped and exported for vivisection. The British Union Against Vivisection reported in 2011 that around 10,000 monkeys a year were being exported from Mauritius for prices up to £2,600 each. 

Steve will tutor the students to paint their chosen images for which they will have brought references. This year he will focus more on colour mixing and composition and intensified drama through contrast. Steve’s course will be followed in May by a workshop sculpting animals so students may wish to do both a painting and a sculpture.

Steve Nayar
07914 671102

Stephen Rautenback
18 – 22 May 2020

Wax Animal Sculpture 

Course fee: 19,500 Mu Rupees

Stephen is a South African sculptor with a background in bronze foundry work. 

He has a degree in Fine Art and taught sculpture at high school level as well as lecturing at Stellenbosch University, after which he opened his own studio
and gallery in Stellenbosch ten years ago. He is passionate about wax sculpting and all his sculptures are then cast in bronze. 
He works on commissions as well as his own work and produces sculptures in varying sizes up to over 3 metres high. 
Stephen is very much looking forward to lecturing and tutoring again and is hoping he can inspire some enquiring minds!
Students will be invited to make a small animal or bird sculpture in wax and Stephen will cover composition, anatomy and expression, as well as exploration into different stylistic renditions and techniques of an image in sculpture, and the technique of ‘breathing life into animal sculpture’  He will be lecturing on the challenges of presentation and sculpture as a finished ‘product’ with reference to the size of editions, artist proofs etc.
For those that wish to go we will have an evening or weekend visit to the local foundry where we can see bronze casting in progress and for those who wish to they can have their wax sculpture made into bronze after the week’s workshop is completed ( price varies depending on whether there are complications with the mould but approximately 7,500 rupees for a finished bronze sculpture measuring 15cms) 


Lachlan Goudie
22 – 26th June 2020

Landscape Painting

Course fee: 19,500 Mu Rupees

Lachlan Goudie is an award winning artist and a member of the prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters. He exhibits regularly in London, New York, Edinburgh. He is also presenter of art documentaries for the BBC and is a judge on the long running BBC TV series “The Big Painting Challenge”. Lachlan’s first book, ” The Story of Scottish Art” will be published by Thames & Hudson in 2020.

Lachlan has a passion for painting landscapes!

Working outside, “en plein air”, is an inspirational experience which allows artists the opportunity to immerse themselves in their subject. Responding to the changing colours and light conditions of the landscape will give students the chance to loosen up their style and paint with freedom.

During this workshop sketches created on location in watercolour and gouache will become the resource material for producing more finished landscape paintings in the studio. Lachlan is currently preparing an exhibition of Mauritian landscapes and will paint alongside his students, demonstrating his own approach to the canvas during the course of each day. 



Luca Indraccolo
7 – 11th Sept 2020 – Portrait painting (Oils)

Course fee: 19,500 Mu Rupees

14 – 18th Sept 2020 – Figure Painting (Oils)

Course fee: 19,500 Mu Rupees

Born in Naples, Luca Indraccolo left Italy to pursue a career in advertising eventually becoming Creative Director for Saatchi & Saatchi. Deciding then to become a Fine Art painter, he devoted his time to gaining knowledge of anatomy in New York before studying drawing and painting at the Florence Academy of Fine Art. He later became head of studies at London Atelier of Fine Art (LARA) and has now been teaching as well as working as a professional artist for over a decade. He is a very well respected and sought after tutor and is features in the art book ’40 Contemporary Great Masters of Portrait Painting’.



On this workshop you will learn how to approach the complicated subject of portraiture painting in oils with observation of the life model so as to understand the planes and structure of the head and what to look for to achieve a likeness. We will look at the anatomy of the skull/ proportions and planes of the head/ basic composition strategies/ how to organize a value range to convey a convincing light impression/ colour theory/ correct use of medium/ the importance of the edge to achieve the impression of form.

By the end of this course students will understand the stages involved in creating a realistic portrait painting and have learned techniques they can apply to their own work and studies going forward.


Figure Painting

On this workshop you will learn how to approach the daunting task of painting from the human figure by breaking down this timeless and complicated subject matter. We will look at block strategies/ how to keep proportions under control/ understanding the main volumes of the body and how to capture ‘gesture’/ how to organize a value range/ colour theory/ the correct use of medium/ the importance of edges to achieve the impression of form.

By the end of the week students will understand the stages of figure painting which can be applied to all other matters. 



Carl Randall
5 – 9th Oct 2020

Portraiture & Figure Composition

Course fee: 19,500 Mu Rupees

Carl Randall (Doctorate, MFA, BA) is a British figurative painter whose work is inspired by modern Japan and London. He is a graduate of The Slade School of Fine Art London, The Royal Drawing School London, and the Tokyo University of Fine Art. Carl has won many awards (including from the National Portrait Gallery in London, where he had a display of Japanese paintings in 2013) and exhibited extensively including solo exhibitions in London and Tokyo, and arts fairs in Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, London and Japan.

This workshop will be looking at how to create compositions that include people and places. Students will learn how to create their own imaginative compositions, and various ways in which to combine portraits and figures into pictorial compositions, focusing on the space and environment around the portrait or figure. This course places emphasis on the process of arranging compositions, and incorporates observational painting (painting directly from the live model) using the students own research, materials and images.



Kishore Bodha
9 – 13th Nov 2020

Pencil/ Charcoal/ Pen & Ink

Course fee: 10,000 Mu Rupees

Having been born and growing up in a period when Mauritius was going through a transitional phase of development – traditional to modern/contemporary life, Kishore considers himself very fortunate to taste the flavours of both ‘eras’. This kinship is the basis of his art, in which the texture and pattern of nature and daily life activities are redefined as poetical compositions through his drawings, paintings, sculpture and installations. He holds a Masters degree in Visual Arts and is an educator of Art & Design at the Royal College in Port Louis, Mauritius and has won several awards at National level.

Whether traditional or contemporary Kishore considers drawing skills to be the major pillar of the artist. This 5 day workshop will be devoted to pencil, charcoal and ink sketches and drawings, laying much emphasis on anatomy and the human figure. We will be working from a nude life model. Initially producing drawings from quick dynamic poses, students will progress to more detailed work including foreshortening.



Dee Donaldson
7 – 11th December 2020

Portrait in Oils

Course fee: 19,500 Mu Rupees

Dee Donaldson is a South African artist and painting tutor with a diploma in Fine Arts from Durban University and has been running very successful workshops for the last 7 years from her Point based studio in Durban. She has exhibited both nationally and overseas winning many awards including the Emma Smith Overseas scholarship which gave her the opportunity to work in Paris for 6 months. Dee has been given numerous public portrait commissions and has work in many private collections.

This workshop will be focusing on the portrait, with an emphasis on loosening up brush marks and exploring mark-making whilst still staying deeply connected to the subject and process. The workshop will cover both technical and conceptual aspects of portrait painting and is suitable for painters who are fairly comfortable with oil paint as a medium. 



Workshops 2019

Eudald de Juana Gorriz and Pau Marinello
8 -13th April 2019
9.30am – 4.30pm

Course fee: 24,000 Mu Rupees

Eudald de Juana Gorriz and Pau Marinello studied Fine Art at both the Barcelona and Florence Academy of Art, learning the traditional methods of representational art. Pau later became the director of the drawing programme at the Barcelona Academy of Art, and Eudald was the principal sculpture tutor in the Florence Academy of Art. They both now accept commissions, as well as selling and exhibiting their work worldwide. “Art Teacher in Mauritius”

​Draw, Paint, Sculpt is going to be an incredibly exciting 6 day course, tutored by two highly experienced Spanish tutors. Eudald will be teaching sculpture and Pau will be teaching drawing and painting. This will be the perfect opportunity to understand how essential one discipline is to the other. Students will learn how to take an idea from concept, bring it to life in 2D by drawing and painting the subject, then transforming it into 3D by sculpting it in clay.

​The subject will be ‘Torso’. Students will be split into two groups, swapping disciplines at midday. We will have three models – two for drawing and painting, and one for sculpture. “Art Tuition in Mauritius”


Steve Nayar
10 -14th June 2019
9.30am – 4.30pm

Course fee: Rs 17,000 Mu Rupees

A return of this very popular animal conservation Wildlife Artist, Steve Nayar. Steve ran an exciting masterclass in June 2018, painting a Mauritian Fruit Bat – the Flying Fox, to demonstrate how to paint in oils. He has twice been chosen as a finalist in Wildlife Artist of the Year in the UK, and paints his own work to sell, as well as taking private commissions.

This year, Steve will be demonstrating by painting an endangered Mauritian bird, each morning, before assisting the class to paint their chosen birds. The class will be instructed on how to produce lifelike bird painting in oils, and how to paint feather details from their photographic references.



85,000 Mu Rupees / £1,975 / €2,180

Gerard Castellvi & Sofia Micheo

9th – 13th September 2019
9.30am – 4.30pm


16th – 20th September 2019
9.30am – 4.30pm

Course fee: 20,000 Mu Rupees per week

If taking 5 week workshop 17,000 Mu Rupees per week

Gerard Castellvi and Sofia Micheo will tutor together on this life drawing/painting workshop over a two week period. The goal will be to give the students the correct tools to be used in any type of project be it realistic, abstract,figure,portrait, still life, landscape etc. The workshop will be based on the main concepts for Life Study — colours, values, and constructive anatomy together with a combination of exercises and lectures.

Gerard Castellvi is a Spanish Artist and studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design at the University of Barcelona and the Florence Academy of Art. He is currently Director of Painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art. His work is part of many permanent collections and exhibitions  around the world.


Sofia Micheo is a Guatemalan artist who studied at the Barcelona Academy of Art. She was awarded the Barcelona Academy of Art Junior programme and has exhibited her work in America and Europe. She is currently a drawing tutor at the BAA and part of the teachers support to students.


Ayuesh Agarwal
23-27th September 2019
9.30am – 4.30pm

Course fee: 20,000 Mu Rupees
(If taking 5 week workshop 17,000 Mu Rupees per week)

Ayuesh Agarwal is an Indian artist tutoring drawing and painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art and assisting with anatomy and écorché. He studied at the Florence Academy of Art and the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts. His work focuses on the human figure and nature.

On this course, which will have three nude models, students will learn how to read and represent the three dimensional figure from an anatomical and structural beginning which increases the student’s understanding of :-

  • interplay between anatomical knowledge and rendering of visual impression
  • the value of a sound working routine
  • further fundamental qualities in rendering the human figure
  • how to create a sense of emotion / psychology in the figure drawing

By the end of the course students will have a basis on which to construct figures from imagination whilst accurately understanding and predicting the movements of a live model.



Luca Indraccolo
30th Sept – 4th Oct 2019

Portraiture in oils

7th Oct – 11th Oct 2019

Figurative oil painting

9.30am – 4.30pm

Course fee: 20,000 Mu Rupees per week

If taking 5 week workshop 17,000 Mu Rupees per week

Luca Indraccolo is an Italian figurative artist having studied artistic anatomy in New York, followed by studying drawing and painting at the Florence Academy of Art, before further studies in London.As a respected and sought after tutor, he has been teaching whilst also working as a professional artist for over a decade.

On this course, students will learn how to understand the planes and structures of the head and figure and what to look for when trying to achieve a likeness. By the end of the course, students will understand the stages involved in creating a realistic portrait and figure painting, and will learn techniques they can apply to their own work in the future.


Suzie Zamit
4-8th November 2019
9.30am – 4.30pm

Course fee:  20,000 Mu Rupees

Suzie Zamit is a portrait sculptor who works mainly in clay. Recent sculpture commissions include Charles Branaugh MP for the Palace of Westminster. She has been a member of Society of Portrait Sculptors since 2007 and is now a council member. Suzie’s work is in private collections throughout Europe.

On Suzie’s course you will be working from one of three models, producing a life size head and shoulder sculpture, developing a likeness through observation and modelling. It’s not just about capturing a likeness, but also the character of the model. Suzie will demonstrate, taking inspiration from classical and modern techniques. 3 portrait models will be supplied, allowing 4 artists per model.


Allan Ramsay 
2 – 6th Dec 2019
9.30am – 4.30pm

Portraiture in Oils

Course fee: 20,000 Mu Rupees

Allan Ramsay has won many prestigious awards including the John Player Portrait Award (now the BP Portrait  Award) and has had many exhibitions worldwide including  China. His portraits are exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

‘Portraiture in Oils’ workshop is suitable for beginners and more advanced artists.
Allan’s aim is to create an enjoyable and accessible understanding of the process required  to draw and paint a portrait which will include an understanding of the basic structures for drawing and painting the human head , colour mixing, paint handling and composition.


“I’ve attended two Master Class Workshops at Artspace and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Tim Benson’s week in May, and Allan Ramsay’s in October 2017.

It’s fantastic to have world class artists coming to Mauritius and, with only 12 of us on the course, the interaction was both personal and informative. We all learnt so much …and made new friends, had great fun and I, for one, am now looking forward to the next course. Wonderful to have this opportunity in Mauritius.”

Lisa Maurel

Pereybere, Mauritius, ex-art teacher


Royal Road, Calodyne
North Mauritius