Tutors Reviews

Luca Indraccolo
October 2019

“I had a fantastic two weeks teaching at Artspace. We worked with brilliant models for both portrait and figure painting, and the studio is wonderfully run thanks to Lynn’s passion and dedication making sure everyone has the best experience. I’d never been to Mauritius before and was blown away by the natural beauty and vibrant art scene. Thank you Lynn for having me and making it such an incredible trip. I’m looking forward to coming again “

Ayuesh Agarwal
September 2019

“Experience the magic atmosphere, meet like-minded people, make long lasting friendships and fully immerse yourself in your art. I felt completely rejuvenated and refreshed. Thank you, Lynn, for an amazing art retreat in such a beautiful place. I had an incredible time teaching at Artspace Mauritius. I can’t wait to come back!”

Gerard Castellvi
September 2019

This is the second time I’ve tutored at Artspace Mauritius, the organization and energy of the students, as well as their passion and the desire to learn, fulfill me at a professional level.
Needless to say the great opportunity to visit a paradise island at the other side of the world, and work in something I am passionate about, was a unique and wonderful experience. 

Sofia Micheo
September 2019

Teaching at Artspace Mauritius was a unique experience, I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to teach a great group of people, very committed to learn and also enjoy the experience. Lynn provides a great service and puts a lot of effort into organizing everything, she brings great energy to the group and makes sure everybody has a great time. 
The studio had more than enough space to create great setups, well equipped, a nice space for tutors and artists who want to work in an inspirational place.

Eudald de Juana
April 2019

We had an amazing experience coming to this paradise  Island, where everyone is so welcoming, proud of their island, wanting to share it with us.

Thanks to Lynn, who had perfect organization, the course of the workshop went very smoothly.

Pau Marinello
April 2019

Teaching at Artspace Mauritius was a great experience. I’m happy that Lynn decided to bring high quality workshops in such a magical place. The organization was excellent!
It was a luxury to be able to share the love for art with the landscape of the Mauritius Islands as a background. The group of students were very kind and open to learn from us. We made good friends and hopefully we can meet soon again!

John Meaker
December 2018

The first time Lynn asked me to tutor at Artspace Mauritius my instinct was rather to go to my studio than to a holiday island. However everyone said “ you must go! “ so I put away my prejudices.
I was wrong…I was charmed by the exquisite beauty  of Mauritius.
I had a great group of students and artists focused on the job and full of fun. A very good, well equipped studio, and a generous organiser/artist Lynn whose vocation is the Art, the welcome and the success of the Artspace studio.
We put aside tribulations of Art early in the week and each individual took their Art to the next stage by the week’s end. Well done November class of 2018!
I am very thankful for my visit to Mauritius, what a great set up Lynn has there. Her creative organisation, kindness and generosity invented my visit and made it a wonderful experience for me.

Christophe Charbonnel
November 2018

I am very happy that I had the experience of teaching clay modelling in Lynn Smith’s Artspace studio in Mauritius.
I met some great people who were really passionate and engaged about their Art. I felt a great need to share , to exchange on techniques regarding sculpting,  moulding and casting bronze sculptures….. my participation has , I believe, brought some knowledge …. I am delighted!
Lynn is wonderful, her great quality being to foster human contact and bring together passionate people to give life to a beautiful, dynamic studio full of art and creativity.

Carl Randall
October 2018

A unique opportunity for practicing artists to pass on their  skills to students from Mauritius and overseas in a wonderful environment.
There doesn’t appear to be a great many opportunities in Mauritius for people to learn painting, sculpture etc. from professional artists , and Lynn’s programme satisfies that.
I flew over from London and the contrast of warm weather, deep blue skies, palm trees, tropical fish, birds etc was a welcome one.

Miriam Escofet
September 2018

Teaching at Artspace Mauritius was a complete joy!
The studio is large, filled with light, and provides a warm,friendly, adaptable creative space. Lynn runs the studio with huge energy and enthusiasm and it is becoming a destination for specialist art courses, attracting very  high calibre teachers from around the world.

Steve Nayar
June 2018

Lynn Smith has created an amazing environment at Artspace Mauritius.
When I was invited to teach last year, I had never met Lynn before or been to Mauritius. However, Lynn proved to be the most welcoming and accommodating host and I immediately felt at home on this beautiful island with Lynn acting as my guide. We have since become firm friends.

I found the studio at Artspace Mauritius to be fully equipped , comfortable and spacious. The students were delightful and attentive and created some beautiful work over the course of the week. Lynn has managed to establish a creative haven in a little corner of paradise and together with her kind and charismatic personality , it is small wonder that she manages to attract some of the  most respected International experts to come and share their knowledge.
It is a joy and an opportunity not to be missed !

Allan Ramsay
October 2017

I am very excited to be returning in December 2018  to teach oil painting portraiture with Lynn Smith at her Artspace studio in Mauritius.
My previous experience in 2017 teaching at Artspace was wonderful. Lynn’s tremendous energy and goodwill make it a very special place to be creative. She is also an excellent host, providing beautiful accommodation looking out to the Indian Ocean!
It was an immense pleasure working with the Artspace students who provided a warm welcome to the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Tim Benson
May 2017

I was lucky enough to be tutoring a really fantastic group of people from all corners of the world. Mauritius is a beautiful island and a wonderful backdrop for an oil painting master class, one couldn’t help but feel inspired.
Lynn’s enthusiasm and boundless energy made for a fresh and dynamic environment in which to deliver my course.
Since I was there the courses have gone from strength to strength and are widely recognised as a must do for any budding painter and globe- trotting painting tutor.


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North Mauritius