Student Reviews

Re Lynn Smith, founder of Artspace ….. This studio has been inspired, created and curated by Lynn. It’s an amazing space of creativity and learning and sharing. Lynn manages to somehow lure acclaimed and famous artists and sculptors to visit and hold courses which are instructive, intense and passionate. I am, as along with other students, extremely grateful to Lynn for her incentive and commitment and amazing energy to have created and manage this studio for anyone who has the calling and passion for self expression through art.

An amazing platform of expression and encouragement for all ages and persons ….. and its FUN!

Heather Vaulbert

Point Aux Canonniers, Mauritius

“Lynn has put a lot of energy into setting up this beautiful studio. She is feeding us all by boosting our creativity through organising regular, outstanding workshops with local and international talented art tutors. Lynn is definitely raising the bar of Art in Mauritius in a very nice way. Congratulations, and thanks for these wonderful moments”

Jean-Pierre Hardy

Pereybere, Mauritius

In April this year, I attended a full one-week arts tuition at Art Space. The Course was called “Draw Paint Sculpt”, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Lynn has an amazing address book of lots of first-class professional art tutors from all over the world that she gets to come here to teach.  She also has a great sense of organisation that makes it so easy for each and every one

The two tutors we had were wonderful teachers. Sharing their vast experiences with a lot of simplicity and paying individual attention to all ten of us, I will certainly go there again soon to follow another art course.

Michel Wiehe

Pointe Aux Canonniers, Mauritius

We are incredibly fortunate to have Lynn host workshops, bringing in world-renowned artists. The limited class sizes are hugely beneficial, creating an intimate and personalised setting.

The weekly Artspace Saturday classes are a wonderful way to support you in your artistic endeavours, helping you to build on what you had learned at the master courses, supported by knowledgeable tutors,  whilst among friendly and enthusiastic artists of all levels.

Ashley Godsman

Calodyne, Mauritius

Saturday morning spent learning to draw the human form at Artspace Mauritius has been a positive and rewarding experience. Lynn Smith is energy personified and actively encourages aspiring and established artists alike.

Experienced tutors are accomplished artists who generously share their knowledge, skills and insight. Students are individually guided within each session and encouraged to explore their creative and artistic potential.

Elaine Hubbard

Pointe Aux Canonniers, Mauritius

“Artspace Mauritius should come with a warning….highly addictive!
A fabulous place for artistic creativity in an open and non-judgmental space. We are so fortunate to have Lynn and her Artspace studio for our artistic fix.”

Monique Ernst

Johannesburg, South Africa

I’ve found Lynn’s Artspace a fantastic place to learn and improve on my art practice. The studio is pleasant and well organized, but most importantly Lynn has created a welcoming environment for both students and tutors. And what tutors!! Most of them are international practicing artists, bringing dedication and enthusiasm to the workshops, which in turn tend to bring out the best in the students. Particularly enriching is the fact that each tutor has his/her personal approach.

Caroline Giraud Leclézio

Calodyne, Mauritius

“During 2019 I have taken numerous workshops with Artspace Mauritius. Every workshop has been outstanding form Draw, Paint, Sculpt with Eudald de Juana and Pau Marinello to Figurative Composition with Gerard Castellvi and Portraiture and Figurative oil painting with Luca Indraccolo. I am a relative beginner to the world of art and cannot thank Lynn enough for bringing First Class tutors to our little island. I have attended some classes in Cape Town, South Africa, and I never imagined I would learn far more in little Mauritius! I also attended Saturday classes to stay tuned in. having worked as an Interior Designer I am delighted to have the gift of following my passion with Artspace, well organized, friendly and inspiring.

Thank you Lynn … will keep coming back for more!”

Debbie Krantz

Black River, Mauritius

“I have attended several week long masterclasses at Artspace over the last couple of years. The masterclasses are a wonderful opportunity to be taught by international artists in a very friendly and art focussed environment. I have learnt so much, including portraiture, figure drawing and painting animals and birds. The various artists who teach these week long masterclasses have wide experience and expert knowledge and we have worked in several mediums such as oils, acrylics, charcoal and pencil. The courses are for all levels and as the artists are used to teaching, everyone can develop at their own pace.  I also regularly attend Saturday classes with our resident local artist, Kishore, with whom we continue work on portraits and life. Lynn is a wonderful hostess and organizer and her studio is airy, light and very welcoming. I would thoroughly recommend Artspace to all experienced or novice passionate artists!”

Laura Lagesse

Moka, Mauritius

“I have been on a couple of outstanding Master Classes organised by Lynn. High quality tuition by visiting artists from Europe which have proved to be motivating , challenging at times, but overall inspiring and fun.
Tim Benson with his enormous canvases and paint brushes took me right out of my comfort zone and it was amazing what we all achieved in one week. The course with Alan Ramsay equally challenging in a totally different style , but I ended up with a portrat that I actually quite like looking at!

I am booked on my next course with Steve Nayar in June which will be animals in oils, which I am excited about.
Quality courses and a studio I highly recommend.”

Sara Childs

Pereybere, Mauritius

“I wanted to gain specific knowledge on clay sculpting and joined ARTSPACE MAURITIUS a few months ago. I have learnt so much, and so quickly, in a friendly environment. Lynn is a gem! The studio provides everything I need, from sculpture stands, good quality clay, models, sculpture teacher etc. I am looking forward to my next 3.5 hour sculpture session all week, which I must say seems much shorter than that. I wish I had more free time to join more classes at ARTSPACE MAURITIUS”

Julien Beneteau

Calodyne, Mauritius

“Love this space ! Professional yet friendly and fun. My weekly injection of inspiration, thanks to tutors and artists. What a great place to develop our inner artistic ability. Lynn has created an inspiring space not just for the talented but also for beginners too. Thanks Lynn“

Debbie Merlo

Pereybere, Mauritius

“I’ve done two workshops through Lynn at Artspace Mauritius, both intense with huge learning curves but fun and memorable. It was so great to meet new artists, share the experience and get to know the art tutors (Tim Benson and Allan Ramsay) in person. Lots of interesting discussions and ‘gems’ during the breaks.

I was also part of Lynn’s art classes for three years when I lived in Mauritius. Such a special group of people and an amazing , inspiring art teacher, Kishore Bodha. The studio is bright, airy (air con in summer) and spacious. Lynn is a warm and friendly , non stop bundle who goes out of her way to make sure everyone has what they need.

I highly recommend any workshops in this special space in this beautiful country.”

Lee-Ann Olivier

Cape Town, South Africa

“This is the best thing that’s happened to me for a long time: it’s a great space for learning, practising, appreciating art, and meeting other people on the same wavelength. The classes are well organised, the teachers very helpful and able, and it makes it so easy to get going and start creating. I’m definitely a fan”

Stephanie Lagane

Grand Baie, Mauritius

“In 2017 I attended Master Classes with Tim Benson and Alan Ramsay. What a fantastic experience having artists of this calibre teaching us. Learning and growing as an artist in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with like minded artists. Loved it and have signed up for more for 2018.”

Sandy Holton

Mapou, Mauritius


Royal Road, Calodyne
North Mauritius